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My Journey Through Sex and The City – Episode 1

Well here we go – episode 1!! – “Sex and the City”

And the topic of casual sex comes up. As well as, can a woman have sex like a man?

This is a LOADED question and one that I think has caused many debates, because no one likes to think men and women are different. There’s a MASSIVE equality scene right now. But – biologically – we are. Our brains are different, how we process things are different – it is ALL very different. And respecting, understanding, and celebrating those differences is a good thing. It is NOT a competition. Although sex can and is used for sport between the sexes, it has its repercussions too. Emotionally it can take its toll; from self esteem, to lack of intimacy, or properly connecting to another simply because everything has been a surface experience, and going deeper becomes difficult. Even uncomfortable.

Click here to watch me explain my thoughts on the episode and topic of casual sex.

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