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Okay. Being a woman is underrated. It is a very prestigious role to hold. And then add sexuality to the mix and BAM ! – a molotov cocktail of power. The power of female sexuality is… unanimous lol.

The sex industry is built on our hard-wired desire and need for sex – there are escorts, courtesans, geishas, prostitutes, exotic dancers and porn stars. Sex is used in advertising, in movies, in songs, we sing about it, we make jokes about it, we cry about it. God how we cry about it HAHA.

The point is – it’s nothing to be fucked with. Women (and men) have immense power. And when someone taps into their power, you can take off into fucking space. THIS MEANS BODY PARTS ARE NOT THE END ALL BE ALL. Every single human being has a penis, or a vagina/boobs. Or both. Our genitals are not what make us stand out or different.

It is the energy we give off, the way we walk, talk, our eye contact, how we make others FEEL. Too often we are so caught up in being hot, we forget to be interesting.

Which brings me to my next point – YOUR BIG DICK MEANS NOTHING TO ME IF YOU ARE A BIG DICK. There is no argument here. Sorry. I don’t care what you think you got going on in your pants, if you suck, you suck.

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Your 20s are Horseshit.

I don’t want to lie to you or pretend. They are awful. You are broke, you’re confused, you find out your parents are human, your apartment sucks, you learn all kinds of terrible lessons, you get so wasted you black out and don’t remember any of the amazing times you had, you realize your degree did fuck all for you, and you will probably get one (curable) STD.

Oh and someone MIGHT convince you anal sex is fun and awesome – maybe it is – but this is not the opinion I hold. Poo freaks me out. Maybe that makes me 7 but I can’t handle it.

Its confusing. It is a time of extreme highs and extreme lows. My extreme low came out of carving my way through a family sized fettucini alfredo with my bare hands. Waking up with it crusted under my nails. They weren’t glamorous times.

I PROMISE though, that your 30s are infinitely better. Your adult acne even goes away. It is a MAGICAL time. You MAY even get life insurance! (Like I did because I am paranoid of tragedy and random death – uplifting I know).

You sometimes start seeing people surpass you in their relationships, jobs, finances, experiences and this can be HARD. But everyones time comes :) I promise!

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I AM SO CONFUSED BY IT. I can’t even find someone who I don’t wanna kill after 6 months, never mind a LIFETIME of watching them be awesome AND awful. Cuz that’s what happens – you watch them in their entirety.

Did I scare you yet? You say that word, and either people love it, or they run for the fucking hills (Im a hill runner PS).

More people need to understand marriage is no joke. HOWEVER, I don’t think there are many people who get married thinking or knowing they are gonna get divorced. It is a mixed bag. Some people believe getting married, or having a baby can glue a rocky relationship together. This is quite the opposite; a not so great relationship will literally crumble under the pressures of married daily life. It is not easy.

You are marrying that persons entire family for one. Their financial status as well (lets hope its healthy?). Their demons. And their angels. You are combining a WHOLE other person to you. And you’re saying “Ill be here when everyone else should’ve theoretically left” lmao. You are that persons ride or die. To get real BAE on ya.

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Well here we go – episode 1!! – “Sex and the City”

And the topic of casual sex comes up. As well as, can a woman have sex like a man?

This is a LOADED question and one that I think has caused many debates, because no one likes to think men and women are different. There’s a MASSIVE equality scene right now. But – biologically – we are. Our brains are different, how we process things are different – it is ALL very different. And respecting, understanding, and celebrating those differences is a good thing. It is NOT a competition. Although sex can and is used for sport between the sexes, it has its repercussions too. Emotionally it can take its toll; from self esteem, to lack of intimacy, or properly connecting to another simply because everything has been a surface experience, and going deeper becomes difficult. Even uncomfortable.

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Oh Sex….. Should almost be capitalized like the word God. Or iPhone.

There’s a reason the sex industry is the NUMBER one in the world (alongside drugs, because being human is fucking intense and sometimes you need to gap out) – because we all crave it, want it, need it, have it, don’t have it, or aren’t getting enough of it.

For some reason, I never watched the show when it first came out? So now I am watching it and I am OBSESSED. I have so many thoughts, feelings, and revelations as I watch it and I wanted to share them with you.

Join me for a casual chat as I go through sex and the city – Toronto version.

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