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As if a womanizer wasn’t bad enough, now we have modelizers; men who idolize and use models for themselves.

In this Ep, we explore the idea of beauty and the power of female sexuality. It is a loaded topic. Beauty standards are different all over the world, but somehow, the idea of perfection is everywhere for both men AND women. And the power of female sexuality is insane. Cant remember who said it (which is very unhelpful I know) – but a guy said, “Isn’t it what we do ALL this for anyways? To get the girl?”. Some may argue this, but at the end of the day we are animals. Animals in really great clothes and disguises.

With thousands of Youtube channels and Instagram channels dedicated to makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, nails, workout regimens, juicing, cleansing, toning, skin care, outfits, do-it-yourself EVERYTHING – its enough to make a person want to live in fucking sweatpants till their put in a coffin. It is almost inexcusable HOW you couldn’t be perfect now when theres so much information at your fingertips on HOW to be. UGH – enough with the standards already. Look – I love a good hair day, or great outfit, or for my eyebrows to be shaped to kill as much as the next person – but there are days where I do not fucking care. And if someone needs to take a moment to point out I look “tired” cause I am not all done up – well fuck off. Sometimes I need to get to Walmart and not worry about looking like I am Kim K ok?

This is one of my main motivations for doing these Vlogs whenever I feel the mood – I don’t do them ONLY if I am camera ready. I do them at all my moments. Cuz I am HUMAN (hard to believe I know) – pretty sure theres some upcoming videos where Im close to blackout wasted – stay tuned. Those are RAW.

The point is – it really isn’t what a person looks like. Trust me that shit gets OLD – it is what they ARE that makes us love people. Their insides, their lexicon, their facial expressions, their souls, their smiles, their dark places, their bright places, their senses of humour – these are what make us US. AND the people we LOVE.

Don’t EVER let the internet tell you otherwise. So fuck off with your how-to bullshit – UNLESS you wana be so fab and dress up and learn something different cause thats the BEST TOO!! Its whatever you want – as long as YOU want it. And for no other reason :)

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Well here we go – episode 1!! – “Sex and the City”

And the topic of casual sex comes up. As well as, can a woman have sex like a man?

This is a LOADED question and one that I think has caused many debates, because no one likes to think men and women are different. There’s a MASSIVE equality scene right now. But – biologically – we are. Our brains are different, how we process things are different – it is ALL very different. And respecting, understanding, and celebrating those differences is a good thing. It is NOT a competition. Although sex can and is used for sport between the sexes, it has its repercussions too. Emotionally it can take its toll; from self esteem, to lack of intimacy, or properly connecting to another simply because everything has been a surface experience, and going deeper becomes difficult. Even uncomfortable.

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Oh Sex….. Should almost be capitalized like the word God. Or iPhone.

There’s a reason the sex industry is the NUMBER one in the world (alongside drugs, because being human is fucking intense and sometimes you need to gap out) – because we all crave it, want it, need it, have it, don’t have it, or aren’t getting enough of it.

For some reason, I never watched the show when it first came out? So now I am watching it and I am OBSESSED. I have so many thoughts, feelings, and revelations as I watch it and I wanted to share them with you.

Join me for a casual chat as I go through sex and the city – Toronto version.

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